I’m still alive

Hello WordPress!

I am back in school! Yay! A totally different path from the culinary scene. However, this whole nursing school situation seems to be working so far. I am actually having fun.

I miss the kitchen though. I really want to try and explore new recipes. I am in a sriracha addiction stage so don’t be surprised if it involves just that. I don’t make any sense. Anywho, I have to go. I have 2 papers to write. Mind you I’m on spring break. good times! I don’t mind one bit though.

meanwhile, this was from winter.

11Also, took a while but I finally decided to embrace my natural curls.


so yay! turned out great. that’s all that’s new with me. I wish I could say that I got a new car. However, life’s been so blessed. Hopefully I could cook up something soon. Bye for now!


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