Late Post: Being Audrey Hepburn

I recently planned a small birthday party for a friend. Remember the one I made the breakfast pizza for? Lovely? Yep. She said she wanted to do something different for her birthday. Her eyes lit up when I told her why not an girl’s movie night? An outdoor movie night? It ended up not being outdoor but it was still a movie night indeed. And what’s more girly than watching a classic like Breakfast at Tiffany’s?  And on the invite we said everyone should be in their best Audrey Hepburn look. Everyone came in like a Holly Golightly reincarnate in spite of their inhibitions the morning of.

Anyway, Lovely had fun. We even had to miss out on the games because the girls spent most of the time taking pictures. By the time they were done we only had time to watch the movie. I was happy by how the party turned out.

Since it was a movie night, we decided to serve popcorn, movie theater candies and hotdogs. But I made a note to myself that next time I plan a party where Filipinos are invited, serve actual food even though the invite says 7:30pm. Because they are going to expect to be fed. Nobody complained but I guess they were just surprised that there wasn’t any real food.

I made the labels on Photoshop and asked Lovely to print them out at her office. Ssh…. I used my mom’s decanters and vases as decorations. I also used gift papers lying around the house for the penant garland and the peanut cones. Lovely recovered that tiered cake tower from a company party the night before. It worked well with the hotdogs.

This is my favorite part, the cupcake table. The boyfriend bought the cupcake tower last minute because she decided to have cupcakes at the last minute. See that light blue bag? Lovely almost didn’t notice it. Also from the boyfriend. It wasn’t a ring though. They’re not there yet. 😉 Cupcakes also courtesy of the boyfriend from Mr. Cupcakes.

My little Audrey. 🙂

Here she is, the birthday girl.

All in all, it was a fun night. I had fun. Everyone was impressed with the decorations and was excited about this idea. I was happy how it all turned out.


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