Getting Fit and a Little DIY

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had an amazing summer. But for those who wasted this beautiful summer away, don’t fret because it seems like there’s still a lot of summer going on in this uncharacteristic September weather. Anywho, your eyes are not mistaken. I actually said getting fit. Recently, I decided to up and go and step out of the door and start running fast walking, again like I did some years ago. My goal is to finish a 5k running straight. I must say I am getting there. I started with a walk-run-walk program progressively increasing the distance and minutes I run until I am comfortable painfully comfortable enough to cover the whole distance running. I am on my 2nd week and so far I am doing ok. It’s also pretty hard finding the time to do this being a single mom and right now, my program is dependent on the availability of a baby sitter. It’s a good thing that we have a friend staying with us that’s why I’m able to step out for at least 45 minutes to ru..I mean fast walk and then run some.

Also, since everyone has been posting and pinning DIY stuff on the interweb, i don’t want to feel left out. So I want to grab this opportunity to post my own. I didn’t bother making my own video because there are a plethora of them on youTube just like this one.

And here’s my finished product.

And this… behold, my Freddy Kreuger workout shirt

I even made one for my Unakin with her Beatles shirt and she loved it. I love it! How come I never thought of buying myself a Beatles shirt?

And from the day I started, I already lost some pounds. It’s probably just water weight, at least for now. But it’s just even more motivating when you see the results in numbers. I hope soon it will reflect on dress size as well.

Of course, getting fit also means eating healthy. Operative phrase: Eating healthy. A lot of people think they have to starve themselves to lose weight. If all you care about are numbers as opposed to changing a lifestyle, I guess you ahve to rethink your priorities. I guess this is where I’m having such a hard time. I grew up eating carbs. Not that carbs are bad but Filipinos eat a ridiculous amount of it. Think rice for breakfast. Yeah, fried! Fried rice and fried fish! So it’s kind of hard for me to control my carb consumption. Ok, maybe I’ll give brown rice another chance.

What? Oh don’t worry, this wouldn’t keep me away from the kitchen. I will still post recipes most especially that it’s the Holiday season again. I just need to find healthier alternatives apart from greek yogurt.

Tonight, I’m scheduled to step outside and run but my friend is out. So on times like this is when I’m most thankful to youTube because I found these videos that everyone can do at home. You might want to play some music in the background to make it more fun because the videos don’t play songs.

Until here…. hey, to those of you who have suggestions on how I can healthily lose weight and be fit, feel free to comment or just a simple WTG (way to go…I know, I’m lame) will do. πŸ™‚

PS. here’s my playlist that keeps me going. I like finishing the workout with Mr. Brightside or Under Pressure.


4 thoughts on “Getting Fit and a Little DIY

  1. How 80s the playlist. Love it!
    So, this is what you’ve been tweeting about. How’s the less-carbs plan going? That’s always been my biggest hurdle — rice (especially fried). I ought to have it at breakfast lang as I have the entire day to work it off, but I’m not there yet. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, this is what I’ve been tweeting about. Carbs? As it turns out, I can’t completely leave out carbs in my diet because I need it to fuel my workout and I want to build muscle mass. However, I try to replace white rice with complex carbs like brown rice, whole grain/wheat bread/pita, sweet potatoes etc. And so far so good. I miss white rice but my taste buds have grown accustomed to brown rice. I’m not sure if you want to give it a shot but it’s not half bad.

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