Letchworth State Park

Yes, I’m playing catch up. I have been out for a while. I didn’t go anywhere (until this weekend) but it’s just a series of culinary failures that kept me away from my camera and blogging for a while. Anyway, enough of that.

This past weekend, the little Unakin, my sister and I went camping. We left Saturday afternoon and came back Monday. It was my first time camping in a long, long while and first time camping here in the US. It was such a nice change in scenery and atmosphere. We even didn’t mind that we had loud, rowdy frat boys for our neighbors. They were nice but they were also loud.

So here are the pictures from our weekend getaway. Enjoy.


Our camp site.


Time for smores!!!!


Good morning! This was Sunday morning, at this point, every one else was getting ready to leave but us and a couple other campers. It was so quiet after the others left. We were kind of relieved when the frat boys left but we found that we missed them when it got a little too quiet.


That’s my sister gathering twigs so we can start our fire for our morning coffee. Took a while for the water to boil.


At Tea Table Overlook. My pictures don’t do this place justice. I was blown away when i got out of the car. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful. I can stare at it forever.


Hike to Lower Falls. I was a little worried about Una hiking but she loved it and we can barely cath up with her. We should have just hiked the whole 4 miles to Upper falls. I’m sure she would’ve handled that better than we would have.

ImageImageThis was at the upper falls.Β She’s getting pretty tired of taking pictures. All she wanted to do was to keep on hiking. She even appointed herself as our hiking leader.


This is at the middle falls. This is where we stopped and drove back to our camp site. I think this is the best part of the river.


Back to our “hotel”, I had to kick my sneakers off and let my little piggies out. It was too hot. We decided that we will just go to overlook spots and take pictures and give up hiking for the rest of the day. Good decision but Una kept protesting it wasn’t. We win by default playing the “we’re the grown ups” card. πŸ˜›


First stop for the afternoon, Wolf Creek trail. Technically, no one’s allowed on the river bed but people still wade their tired feet or sit on the rock behind the barrier. Why wouldn’t you? The water’s just so tempting. Well, we didn’t but we should have.


This was at Inspiration Point Overlook (I think). That’s a picture of the Turkey Vulture that Una kept insisting on calling an eagle. There were at least 10 of those birds of prey hovering around us. I could have sword they were waiting for one of us to drop dead. It was pretty neat and scary at the same time.


Our last night camping. It was fun. We all had a great time. We’re already planning our next camping trip. Β  Maybe Glacier National Park? We’ll see. That’s definitely on our list.


13 thoughts on “Letchworth State Park

  1. Wow! Camping is one of my unfulfilled childhood dreams. It’s really good that you venture your little one to this activity. It’s better than keeping them home, malling or any other indoor activities. I believe this gives you more bonding moments in the company of the ever beautiful piece of heaven on earth. Great pictures too!

  2. I wondered where you’ve been.. camping!! How awesome is that..and it looks like your little campsite was perfect! Your photos were beautiful and did do everything “justice”:)

    • The campsite was really nice. It’s the right amount of wilderness and modern day conveniences. And as always, thank you for the sweetest compliment about the photos. πŸ™‚

  3. Wew! What can I say? Lovely photos as usual πŸ™‚ I wish may ganyan dito sa Manila… wherein family can do camping in a park πŸ™‚ I do miss the s’mores! I so love the pictures esp. the rainbow and the waterfalls…. Thanks for sharing Ms. Janis πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Gelai! At least dyan sa Pinas, madali maaccess mga beach at magaganda pa. Dito wala masyadong kagaya ng mga pinupuntahan mo.

      And go na! gawa na ng s’mores! Kapag nasa bahay ginagamit ko apoy sa stove. haha

    • Ang sarap talaga. Most especially when you get sprayed by the mist when you walk by the falls. Super init pa naman that day. the place is so beautiful and I was happy that Una can experience nature at an early age.

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