Strawberry Tart and Mother’s Day

To my mother, who worked so hard to give me and my siblings everything the world can offer (and then some), thank you! To Mamang who raised me and my sister after taking care of 7 of her own children, I don’t know how you did it. You are superwoman. To my Lola, thank you for bringing a fine gentleman and an officer into this world. I can only imagine the pain you went through watching your first born depart us. But you have always been strong and I am sure Daddy is smiling down upon you. I love all of you and my sincerest thanks go out to you.






Recipe from Amy of She Wears Many Hats

I saw this recipe last week and stored it in my “recipes to tr” board on Pinterest. i never really planned on making it yet but As soon as I walked in the grocery yesterday, they had a sale on strawberries for $3.49 for 2 pounds. They usually cost $5.99 when out of season. So I grabbed a box right away and headed straight to the freezer aisle to grab me a box of puff pastry. The frozen puff pastry sheet can ba a little pricey. $4.49 for a 2-sheet pack. But for a baking novice like I am, I’d rather spend and extra couple of bucks than an entire afternoon making the perfect pastry dough. And of course, this also circumvents mountainous amount of dishes, which always is such a doozy.

This recipe is super easy. (Even though I still managed to mess it up even after cheating.) I suggest that you thaw this in the fridge so the dough doesn’t stick together. try to unfold the sheet before it gets doughy then put it back in the fridge if you’re not ready to use it yet. Top it with whipped cream or greek yogurt.


15 thoughts on “Strawberry Tart and Mother’s Day

    • thank you so much. I still need work perfecting cheating on puff pastry, though. Only I have the knack for failing even when cheating. 😛

  1. 7 children! Superwoman nga si Mamang. And your Mama and Lola, as well. 🙂

    Your food photos really are getting better and better (and they were already good when I first found your blog).

    • she is superwoman. i look up to her and my other lola. they are amazing. imagine sending all 7 chuldren to college from toilung dirt and plowing rice fields. classic pinoy story. i am forever proud.

      and thanks for the encouraging words about the pictures. it means a lot to me. 🙂

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