Berry Healthy Summer Treat


I know, that was such a terribly horrible pun. But once you get over the title, you’ll see what a wonderful treat this really is. The only thing sadder than the title are the pictures. I don’t know about the other food bloggers out there but I hate wasting my food. So I had to rush taking pictures before y ice cream takes an amorphous puddle of purple because I refuse to scoop out another batch just for the sake of aesthetics (and do multiple dishes, too). I know, I should’ve been spot on from the get go but I’m working on being a better food photographer. I’m getting there, though. Meanwhile, please bear with my pictures.

Now that that’s out of the way, this homemade ice cream (adapted from Jamie Oliver) is definitely going to make a number of appearances in my household this spring and summer. It only has 4 ingredients and won’t crowd your sink once you’re done prepping.  You can make your own variations. You can use different fruits, you can pour them into popsicle molds, make poptails (or cocksicles, but there’s something off putting about that, though…I wonder what it is). It’s totally up to you.


  • 16 oz. frozen fruits
  • up to 5 tablespoonful plain, nonfat yogurt
  • honey to taste
  • mint (optional)
  • orange zest and 1 tbsp. fresh orange juice  (optional)

Here’s how:

  1. Pour frozen fruits in food processor bowl and process until broken into smaller pieces.
  2. Add 3 tablespoonful of  yogurt, squirt some honey, add mint, orange zest and orange juice and process. Scrape mixture off the side of the bowl and process until everything is well incorporated. You can add a couple more spoons of yogurt at this point and process some more.
  3. Serve in chilled containers and enjoy!

I used frozen berries. Like what I said, you can definitely use whatever fruit you wish. You can even freeze fresh fruits you have around the house. While frozen fruit concentrate works well, try to steer clear of those because we are trying to achieve a healthy snack. I added the orange zest and juice in the recipe to add a little bit of zing. I originally used lemon but found that it is too tart. And after blending everything together, the mixture will still appear to be coarse. It is tempting to add more yogurt at this stage but try not to. Remember, we are not making a smoothie. I guess this is closer to a sorbet than an ice cream but it sounds more fun saying it’s an ice cream.


9 thoughts on “Berry Healthy Summer Treat

    • Thanks! My daughter and I really enjoyed this dessert as well. And it is much nicer than ice cream. I really wouldn’t mind if my 5yo eats this all day.

    • Doesn’t it make you look forward to the warmer days? Tell me how it comes out. I let my friends taste it but they didn’t like it. I asked them what’s wrong with it, and they said it tasted like fruit. But that’s what it’s supposed to taste like. I guess they’re expecting that artificial sweetness we all got used to. So please, tell me what you think after trying it. 🙂

    • Yehey! tell me how it turns out ha. Philippine mangoes abound the palengkes and roadside stalls this season, I’m sure this would be perfect for that. I really wanted to try this with mangoes originally but mangoes here, the red ones taste more like Indian mangoes and not the sweet, succulent kalabaw kind. I bet it will work great with frozen calamansi juice as well. Your choices are limitless. Also, see if you can find greek yogurt. It’s thicker and creamier than regular yogurt. If not, thtthe regular non fat kind will suffice. Have fun making this!

      Tell me how it goes ha.

      • I was thinking of bananas, but now that you mentioned the mangoes, we have them right now and I’d have to reserve some, baka ubusin ni husband, haha.

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