Thankful and blessed. I really am. here’s no other way to tell you guys how I feel. There have been times when I didn’t want to get out of bed or moments when there seemed nothing to be thankful for, but God saw me through and here I am, 32- thankful and blessed.

I celebrated the day cooking, taking photos of food, more cooking, thanking well wishers on Facebook. I attempted to kick back and get lost in the book I was reading but Aurora didn’t allow that to happen. So i went back to the kitchen and grabbed my camera and started shooting away, again. And you know what? Today, I got the most number of hits since I started blogging here! Isn’t that exciting?

I must warn you that this post will be flooded with pictures. I went shutter crazy today. Well, not really, but I took a decent amount of photos. Like the picture above and right below this paragraph, I decided to play with food while bringing the cheese to room temperature before the guests arrived.

I decided to keep it simple this year. I bought cheese and pate. Quick and no cooking involved except for some elbow grease trying to slice the baguette with a dull knife. For dinner, I served fish piccata and tossed angel hair pasta. I will share the recipe if I’m up to it or when I try to make the recipe again. I wasn’t able to get a decent picture because my friends started coming. But fine, if you insist.

This is a really bad photo. Anyway, I invited 2 of my friends over and it was fun. It was all the company I needed. I just hope they really enjoyed my very simple dinner. I must say I’m quite disappointed they didn’t like the duck and pork liver pate. Hmm…makes you wonder. More for me though. Yay!

And here’s the crew

And here’s another one without Aaron

Ok, so maybe I over exaggerated when I said there’s a lot of pictures. I think this is just the right amount of pictures to show you what fun night we had and some of the things I do when there’s food and a camera.

Looking forward to more adventures this year. 🙂


8 thoughts on “#32

  1. Hi Janis! How could I miss this. Happy Birthday and I enjoyed every picture you posted here. I can feel the warmth and happiness. Wishing you more years of success, happiness and love!

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