Am I the Only One…

Who doesn’t have an e-reader?

Who still cares about Fred Savage?

Who doesn’t get the point of Jersey Shore?

..And yet sporadically wonders what Snooki’s going to do with that baby?

Who still worries about running out of postal stamps when everybody else e-mails?

…and then complains how expensive snail mailing is.

Who doesn’t have cable TV?

…(Man, how does she know about Snooki?)

Who won’t and doesn’t miss Whitney Houston? 

Who doesn’t do yoga?

Who had to google who Wiz Khalifa is?

…no offense, please don’t get mad.

Who cares about correct spelling?

Sometimes, it feels like I’m the only one in the world with no clue. Good night everyone!





6 thoughts on “Am I the Only One…

  1. Haha!
    Well, I still care about correct spelling, I don’t have the flexibility to do yoga and I cannot for the life of me ‘get’ what reality tv is all about. 😀

    • Thanks, Tita Buds! Sometimes it’s fun when people don’t get you. But other times, I feel exhausted trying to keep up with the Kardashians and the things some people like to talk about nowadays.

      And yes, reality TV is the worst. That’s it, that’s the reason why someone coined it the idiot box.

  2. We don’t have cable t.v., I have no idea who Snooki is but I definitely care about spelling. Nice post Jan!

    I love the NEW LOOK! So neat.

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