Ramblings on a Snowy Saturday Morning

Hello, everyone! How’s everybody doing? Snowy Saturday morning here where I’m at. Rochester is beautiful during winter. I think I’m going to miss this place. Una and I are moving back to NJ. I am not too thrilled about moving back in with my Mom but it’s what you do when you get caught between a rock and a hard place. 

I have come up with a few things to get excited about moving to NJ. In-house laundry still tops the list. Forget about free board and lodging, just don’t make me drive to a laundromat. You’ll never understand the agony until you experience schlepping a huge hamper from your apartment to the trunk of your car and car to laundromat, and vice versa. And God only knows what other people wash in those machines. Anyway, I’m sold to the idea of sorting my colors and whites while sitting on my mom’s leather settee whilst watching free cable TV. 

And then, there’s NYC and how it’s just a bus ride away from my Mom’s. One of the things in my bucket list, under photo category (I’m such a dork) is Autumn in Central Park. I can’t wait to stroll down The Mall and take picture of the warm and rich fall foliage. I’m happy to finally be able to cross that off my list. I also promised myself to take the Unakin trick or treating in the Upper West Side. How neat is that? For Christmas? I’m taking her to Rock Center to see the giant Christmas tree. 

My list is getting longer by the day. I’ll tell you about it in future blog posts. I have to go because there’s really nothing much to say. 


5 thoughts on “Ramblings on a Snowy Saturday Morning

  1. Hi, Janis! I just came back myself from a little respite from blogging. 🙂
    So you’re moving back to your Mom’s. You’re right about the in-house laundry being a huge plus. I once helped my sister lug her stuff to the laundromat and it was NOT the most exciting thing, haha.
    Goodluck with the moving and on finding those NYC photo ops. 🙂

    • A nice little break from blogging is nice. But I missed you and your quirky writing. And yes, laundromats can be a pain. So looking forward to this new chapter although hopefully temporary. It’s so nice to see you again. 🙂

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