Another Christmas, Another Soap (or Candle)

Added to my continuously growing collection of soap this year is “Mistletoe Kiss” that comes in a fancy pump bottle given by a friend when I came over for Christmas. The gift bag came with a cinnamon scented candle. Last year, she gave me soap and lotion. I can predict what’s for next year’s, lotion and candle. unless there’s a flaw in my algorithm, I can pretty much tell that’s what I’m going to receive next year.

No! I’m not being an ungrateful prick. I just thought it was funny.

I opened the present in front of my very thoughtful friend, I mindlessly let out this chuckle. Her response was a question, “why?” to which I answered, “nothing.” But the moment I saw that green nozzle sticking out of the gift tissue, I knew! And it reminded me of the running joke about generic holiday presents, the usual suspects; candle, lotion, soap, coffee mugs. I didn’t bother explaining the humor to her because we always somehow get lost in translation and I blame it on her being Jamaican.

And again, I’m not being an ungrateful prick! And who am I to talk. I didn’t even get her any present this year. That’s probably why my present hasn’t upgraded to a  set of flannel pajamas or a gift card to Home Depot yet. I’m really not complaining.

I’m actually no better. At least she bought her present. I, however managed to do a holiday ritual that is frowned upon. Easily justifiable but still not widely accepted. I re-gifted! Not only that! It wasn’t even an actual Christmas gift to begin with. My mom came over a couple of weekends ago to watch my daughter’s dance recital and she brought me these two huge boxes of Ferrero Rocher. A week later we were drawing names for secret santa at work. Being the busy mom that I am, the Christmas party date crept up on me and before you know it…you get the picture? So I shamelessly recycled a non-gift item and gave it to a non-suspecting individual. I tried to put a little of my Janis twist to it and even the wrapping paper is a repurposed shopping bag from a shoe store. All other accoutrement are trivial items lying around the house. For shame! It just never stops!

And here’s the other box that Una and I shared one morning, before heading out to school. Bad mom!

I hope everyone got what they wanted and that no one gets picked by me for secret santa next year. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Another Christmas, Another Soap (or Candle)

    • Haha…thanks for understanding. It was a good thing my mom brought 2 boxes. I would love to believe she wanted me to regift one box. And the other box? Gone in one sitting.

  1. It’s fine because it was Ferrero, not fruitcake, hehe. (They say there’s really only one fruitcake that has ever been made and it keeps getting re-gifted during Christmas.)

    As for those ‘generic’ gifts, they are generic everywhere! And I’m grateful that mugs now fill the quota once required of ceramic figurines and picture frames, haha.

    Happy new year to you and Unakin. Here’s to more silly (but fun) early morning chocolate binges! 🙂

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