Aurora turns 5

This is a really long post. But this is extra special to me because it’s my baby’s #5.
She’s grown so much that I start second guessing like is it still appropriate for me to call her baby or have her walking around the house in her undies.

Una, through the years.

I had to succumb to Disney princess cake. It’s not my birthday after all. I was supposed to bake a rainbow cake but I had very limited time to prepare everything. I guess rainbow cake will just have to wait till Easter.

Birthday grub. Not in the picture is the Adobo rice. It was a hit. Woe is me for not taking pictures of the food before we started eating. I guess Iw as just worried about feeding my guests already. I will post recipes later.


Her colorful flag banners and fondue sticks. I made them the night before the party. I was happy how it made my tiny apartment festive. It’s all in the details as they say. Props I used are things that are just laying around here. The items I had to buy didn’t cost a lot. The dollar store is my answer to everything. I spent less than $5 for the cups, plates, utensils and napkins.

Her presents. She is so blessed.

The table from another angle. The fondue made it to the shot this time.

Una and her best friend, Aaron.

This is the cupcake party she had the day of her birthday with her friends at Nazareth Hall.

So this summarizes a very blessed birthday. I hope she had fun.


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