Thanksgiving- Family Time

I am happy everyone made it. My mom came a day after thanksgiving so we had to celebrate the Saturday after.

Here I am with my brother and sister and Una. That’s not beer or lager I’m pretending to drink, that’s turkey fat. I didn’t drink it, don’t worry. However, I drenched it all over my stuffing and turkey.

With my mom. We had to take turns taking pictures. Someone’s always missing. We had to take turns taking pictures, I left my tripod in the car.

Marathoning Grey’s. I think I have turned my nerdy brother into a fan. Not that I am. I just couldn’t find anything better to watch on Netflix.

This was me in “the zone”



4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving- Family Time

    • I did! And Thanks! I didn’t even realize how exhausted I was until we sat down to eat dessert. But we had an awesome time. It’s always good to see family. We are indeed so bessed.

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