3 Milky ways, 2 Twixes and a Snicker Bar Later

Here’s Unakin’s Halloween this year (and some from last year’s)

Halloween 2011 was a lot kinder than last year’s maybe because for starters, it didn’t hail. Yes, solid form of precipitation angrily fell as we roamed the dark streets. It looked like a scene from an ill budgeted horror flick with midget-size mythical creatures.

Halloween 2010-see the white streaks? Hail!

However, just like last year, due to my propensity in frugality and strong belief that everything should be profitable, Una’s costume is once again quite a creative ensemble that I put together. A couple of dollar store finds ($2 for the wand and wings) and a couple of trivial items that are not too trivial i this occasion she has lying around. And tada! She’s turned into a blushing, preppy, princess fairy. (At least this year, she really did look like a fairy or a princess because last year’s costume got her confused for Zorro)

Halloween 2010 and 2011.

But then again, unlike last year, this Halloween’s revenue (in the form of simple sugars and gummy worms) isn’t as impressive. Blame it on juvenile incontinence (I somehow have to make it seem  like it is an actual condition)! She had to go potty so that punctuated our halloween adventure. Needless to say, I was a little bit disappointed. There’s not as much candy to deprive the little princess from and for me to hoard and secretively devour while she’s napping or distracted watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

Some people can get get a little carried away. This freaked Una out. I thought it was funny.

A giant Scooby. This house even has a coffin. Sheesh!

But we had fun. I love doing things with my little one most especially ones that give us free chocolates.

Una in past Halloweens

Chicken (1st Halloween)

Butterfly (2nd Halloween)

She was a really cute tiger on her 3rd halloween but I coldn't find a picture, so I'm posting this instead.


6 thoughts on “3 Milky ways, 2 Twixes and a Snicker Bar Later

  1. Ang saya ng bata! Ang cute niya as ‘Zorro’, hehe. 🙂

    Had to laugh at your ‘confession’ that you were disappointed because there’ll be fewer candies to swipe. Aha!

    • Lugi this year. haha, hindi man lang kumalahati sa bucket niya yung candies. last year, i had to dump the goodies into a plastic bag para may room pa for more candies. this year, mahina. haha…hindi ako makakupit. masyadong obvious.

  2. Unakin is uber cute. Too bad about the loot, on the upside less sugar consumed by the kiddo. Now I have to contend with an episode of mouth sore, sugar overload last weekend. Hayz…

    • Thanks, thanks! that’s true about the sugar consumption, though. On the other hand, I really wouldn’t mind a candy bar every once in a while. I hope you had a wonderful halloween with the chikitings.

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