An unavoidable hiatus

No excuse. It’s just that September’s been a blur. It came and went like a really bad one night stand (are there ever any good ones?). I didn’t even realize there’s only 3 days left and that this month only constitutes 2 viable posts from yours truly. This would be the third but it doesn’t count, I really wouldn’t condsider it “viable” hence, it doesn’t make sense.


I miss cooking. While people are still hung up on the 10-year 9/11 anniversary and still some people fretting over the new facebook layout (that I still haven’t seen), I am busy planning what I’m making for October. Here in the US, we bid summer goodbye although heavens have been good to us giving us a couple extra  days of sun and warm weather in spite of shedding trees and piling leaves of brown and red on the ground. I love fall that’s why I am even more excited to look for recipes that are homey and make you want to curl up by the fire (ok…TV, I don’t have a fire place but one can wish) after a nice hearty meal made with nothing but the freshest autumn harvest. Not to mention, October is like the staging month for Thanksgiving. OK, Not a famous Pinoy holiday but I have learned to embrace it because of the abundant offerings of everything! Turkey! Ham! Pumpkin pie! And throw in some pinoy dishes in the menu! (Why am I screaming!??!) Yeah, I’m losing some hours of sleep making mental notes of what to prepare even though it’s probably going to be just me and my Unakin. Also, October is the closest thing I could get to the “simoy ng Pasko”. When the wind blows and the leaves rustle…I can hear “Pasko na Sinta Ko” playing in my head and it makes me miss home. hay….

To my 12 faithful subscribers, fret not. I’m really cooking up things in my head and I really hope October would be as special as I thought it would be. I also hope it lingers around unlike September.


12 thoughts on “An unavoidable hiatus

    • Thank you for the really kind words. I surely will keep blogging, I just need to think of something to cook/make. but I got a couple up my sleeves. Now let’s see how kind time is to me. 🙂 Thank you once again.

  1. Oh and P.S.

    I know I’m about to get busy again because I have convinced my mom to buy me a cast-iron skillet as an early Christmas present so you know things are gonna be cooking up again in my shoe-box kitchen.

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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