For Eggsample: My actual breakfast

I did my usual photo doodles this morning. You know how you aimlessly scribble your pen on a piece of paper until something sensible materializes? I do the same thing only with pictures. And this morning, I decided to do it with eggs as I prepare my breakfast. I shoot and shoot until I think I have enough shots to work with and after I’m done with my food, cold from minutes of taking pictures before actually eating it, I uploaded the pictures in Photoshop and dawdled around until I feel satisfied with the outcome. I don’t really have any particular theme or effect, it’s just when I have achieved what I think works at the moment, then I stop. Save. Upload.

I told myself to stop this trend. Shooting away and photoshopping photos.  I bet you in the analog era, photographers put more thought into composing photos while taking them, not in the dark room. 

Now, it’s time to eat.



2 thoughts on “For Eggsample: My actual breakfast

  1. That middle photo, I’m sure, looks good even without the processing. I don’t have Photoshop so when I take a picture, I look for good lighting and try very hard to keep my hands steady. Most of the time I fail, haha. Thank god for digital cameras. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 But thanks and at the same time to digital cameras. It’s a gift and a curse, I guess. i embrace it as much as I loathe it. And yes, key elements to a good shot, good lighting and steady hands, most especially if you don’t have a fast lens (like mine). But I always keep in mind to stay as sharp and as well illuminated (in desired areas) as possible. Usually, I post process to get a vintage look or to intensify the mood.

      congrats on being freshly pressed. I love reading all the comments to your now-famous post. 🙂

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