Old Forge

I usually flood my blog with updates and catching ups I can’t do during the week on weekends. But last weekend, I had a pretty good reason why I wasn’t able to fulfill my netizen duties. It was because I went up to the mountains in the Adirondacks. And it was one of my most wonderful weekends. It wasn’t bad for my last hurrah for the summer. Everyone had fun and it wasn’t to exhausting getting there. It was just a short 3 hour drive from Rochester.

I fell in love as soon as we reached the pine tree lined route 28 where you can catch glimpses of the lake in the clearing of the woods. The air was fresh and everything was so green and clean. It was too bad I was driving I wasn’t able to take pictures of the scenery on our way there. But just take my word for it, it’s a really nice place. I surprised myself by how I loved it. For those of you who don’t know me, my idea of a vacation by the water is the beach by the ocean where there are rows of coconut trees as I sip on a bottle of local beer. The forest, woods, lakes, rivers never really appealed to me until now. And I know I am going back. I am already planning camping trips and white water rafting adventures in my head.

Here are some pictures from that weekend.

Water Safari, Enchanted Forest on our first afternoon in Old Forge.

Una excited about her first water park trip

Trying to enjoy dipping in the pool. She's terrified of water so this is actually a surprise.

Our backyard in Old Forge

Our backyard at night. The big boat is what took us on a cruise on the lake with acoustic music to serenade us. It was one of my loveliest experiences with nature.

Beautiful sunset on the lake. I'm so happy to have taken the sunset cruise. We saw a lot of beautiful lake houses. I want one.

The crew on our day out in the beach which is just around the corner from our hotel. The kids loved playing in the sand.

My daughter and I enjoying the beautiful weather by the lake

One last visit to the beach before heading home.

Bye Old Forge, I will definitely come and see you again.



4 thoughts on “Old Forge

  1. Who wouldn’t want a backyard like that? And being on that boat at night (with acoustic music, you say?) must have been veeeerrry relaxing.
    I passed by Rochester once on my way to Niagara from NYC but it was already late at night. But I’ve been to a couple of little lakeside parks around the Adirondacks which were just wonderfully ‘laid back’.
    Your daughter looks just like you and in that picture on the swing, it seems she wasn’t ready to go home yet. 🙂

    • You’re right. It was a fight trying to pry them off the sand. They had a great time. And yes, acoustic music on the boat. It was one of the best nights ever. My daughter fell asleep. Lulled by the gentle motion and the music. Ang sarap. I am going back next year. If God wills.

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