Dinner & 2 Movies

I love Fridays and the only thing I don’t like about it is that it never comes soon enough. So tonight, I celebrate my favorite day, Friday, for the many promises it holds- weekends filled with hours of laying on the couch flipping through 25 channels on my TV (I don’t have cable), pajama-only dress code, getting up at 8 am and not feeling guilty about it and in some occasions, usually every other Friday, a paycheck that balances to zero even before the day ends, yeah… bills.

Before heading home, I stopped at my favorite neighborhood Blockbuster (because it’s just across the street from my apartment). I am catching up on new movies most especially because I’ve gown tired of the movies available to watch instantly on Netflix where the roster is limited to B movies and new titles that flopped in the big screen. I rented Social Network and Date Night. I think it’s a nice balance of light comic romance lead by my man, Steve Carell and of course, the always charmingly outrageous, Tina Fey. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. And do I really need to explain Social Network?

Now for the eats, I’ve been dying to try this recipe since I saw it and it delivered. I made bucatini with cherry tomatoes and capers (recipe here). It was good. Will I make it when I have people over? No. But it was good. It was filling but doesn’t leave you feeling sluggish. I’d say it’s healthy but I had to add butter to my recipe. I thought it would add another layer of flavor to it, which it did. I think it has a lot of potential and I’m already thinking of other ways of jazzing it up. I paired it with mussels (recipe here). I love mussels. I remember always asking my grandmother to cook them for me whenever I come home from college. So I made them using the bottle of sparkling wine that’s been sitting in my fridge for more than a month now. It gave the mussels a bolder flavor but I still like the sweeter version, the one cooked in sprite and ginger or beer.

My dinner plate


2 thoughts on “Dinner & 2 Movies

    • I did. S much that I watched it twice. It was hysterical. I might rent it again because I had so much fun watching it. A perfect end to a tiring week. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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