Polaroid Madness

I am so happy. I got my not one, not two, but THREE Polaroids today! I ordered them from e-bay.com with much skepticism and a lot of convincing myself it’s going to be okay. After all, you can never go wrong buying three cameras for the price of $9.99. That’s $3.33 a piece even. My sister had such a negative experience with e-bay and swears against it. As a matter of fact, she advised against my impulsive purchase after I had already placed the order. And once again, my closing argument, it was only $9.99 compared to a piece of electronic device she paid for (some hundred bucks) that never came. It was a mess and since she was against a random individual and not a corporation bound by contracts and buyer-seller agreements, she had a hard time getting her money back and had to file dispute through the credit card company which took several weeks to resolve. She got her money back but will forever detest e-bay for that one individual’s careless transacting or well-planned scam. When I was looking for cameras, I made sure that the seller has the top=rated mark and read the reviews from previous buyers. This “cruzer06” guy was pretty consistent and got 100% on his reviews. So I went ahead and placed that bid. It was a little over an hour of bidding time left so I guess the item was mine which I was very happy about. I paid via PayPal and the next morning, my cameras were ready to ship. That was 3 days ago and this afternoon, my cameras came in the mail. How awesome!

Now the film. I was praying it comes the same day the camera comes in. And it did! I didn’t want to wait to test out my camera. I was pleased with the promptness of both orders. I have mentioned in my previous blog that it was because the convenient availability of the film that I decided to buy the cameras. Yes. The Impossible Project is the happy culprit. I ordered the PX 70 film which is intended mainly for SX 70 models but can be used for 600 models like the ones that I have. I picked it instead of the PX 680 because of the higher contrast and deeper dimension the photos possess after developing. The Impossible films or any Polaroid films for that matter are pricey. I guess I can’t get as trigger happy as I can like I do with my Nikon D80. Shooting with Polaroids come with a price. Literally. But that might cure my laziness with creating meaningful composition and give a subject or scene much thought before firing away. Back to the film, the PX’s and PZ’s are relatively cheaper than Polaroid films, though. Impossible films range between $21 and $25 dollars for their instant non-pro line for 8 exposures per pack. Polaroids can range from $30 to $60 a pack which fires up 10 shots. And those are expired films to begin with. Just saying though. The only thing I have to say about the Impossible people is that I hope they insulated my film better. I know other photo geeks out there probably already know that the films are loaded with chemicals to develop the film instantly and temperature can temper with the film quality. And I think it did. Some of the photos have distortions that are obviously attributed to chemical activity. They were isolated around the borders or in one corner. but I guess, that also adds character to the shot. So I was willing to let that go. I was too happy to let a little mishap ruin the Polaroid experience for me.

First and Second Shots

Random Polaroid Shot (a kind I need to avoid when shooting with Polaroids)

My favorite shot

Now you must be thinking of that infamous Outkast line “shake it like a Polaroid picture.” While I am tempted to do so, I don’t think you’re supposed to with these Impossible films. To spare you the borig details, here is a video of how to correctly develop impossible films. There’s no shaking involved. Sorry. You probably still can, if you choose to.

And here’s another video which ahs nothing to do with films or cameras or photography. But this is a happy song and this music is how I felt all day. Enjoy!


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