Impossible? Not to the Impossible Team

I have been reluctant about buying a Polaroid camera, the 600 series and the other really old ones, because I don’t know how long manufacturers are going to keep producing films. So I settled with my more practical Nikon D80 (which is still my bestfriend). I know Polaroid came out with their later models, ones that are not as chunky as their predecessors but they don’t bring the same nostalgia that the now vintage ones offer. Even the films are more slender and rectangular than the older ones. But thanks to The Impossible Project, who now supply Impossible films for the earlier models so people who still own or want to own (like me) a Polaroid (the older types) won’t have to worry about running out of film.

You might see me lugging around a really old Polaroid around the holidays, thanks to The Impossible Team for making the impossible a total possibility.


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