Ma Petite Ballerine

My Aurora has always been fascinated with movement and dance. She calls any classical music “ballet song” and would start dancing and twirling around the house. Any dressy pair of shoes she possesses she calls a ballet shoe. Occasionally called princess shoes but  dance/ballet shoes seem to her more appropriate in most situations than not. I have been planning to enroll her in a dance class but I kept putting it off. Thank God for my sister’s boyfriend who happens to be Aurora’s godfather and who loves Aurora so much that he finally enrolled her and signed her up for ballet classes with Flower City Ballet here in Rochester. As long as I am willing to provide transportation and buy her ballet costumes and uniforms, he’s going to keep financing classes. I am so thankful for that. and here are some pictures from her class this afternoon.

Her teacher, Hillary is the best. She is so good and patient with her. You see, my daughter can talk and she can talk a whole lot. I remember Mr. B (artistic director) sitting in one of her class and he made a comment about how amazed he is with the amount of patience Hillary has. I guess Aurora’s side stories were starting to get in his nerves as well. And I was sitting there just watching my daughter talk incessantly makes me want to yank her and tell her to be quiet and stop talking. So I know where the old seasoned guy’s coming from. He said it’s an art teaching kids of Aurora’s age ballet and it’s an art. And I am so thankful for Miss Hillary and the one-on-one attention Aurora gets as she enters the world of ballet. In September, she’s going to start classes with other children her age. And I’m so happy that she gets this chance to have a personal instructor to teach her the basics.

My Aurora with her ballet teacher, Hillary

I hope I am not pushing my daughter into it. I ask her every after class if she enjoyed her lessons to which she would reply yes. I always make a conscious effort to stop myself from pushing her too hard and stepping in. I want to make sure this is what she wants and not because I was once a frustrated ballerina. I want her to have the time of her life when she dances and not regret ever doing it. Of course, if she gets really tired of it and decides to do something else, I will still support her 100%

Teacher Hillary teaching Aurora tondu

More tondus


2 thoughts on “Ma Petite Ballerine

  1. Hi, Janis! It seems you are re-editing some of your posts (they appear on my Reader). It’s OK, nagutom lang ako sa mga pomodoro, margherita, etc, hahaha. Anyway, ang ganda ganda GANDAH ng shots dito. Lalo na the top photo (it appears in full size on my feed), my gulay, pang-Life magazine! 🙂

    • oops! I am so sorry. I didn’t realize the spam-ish updates. I was recategorizing my posts,that’s why. i’m so sorry again but thanks so much for your compliments. 🙂

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