If God is not the awesome god he is…

Then I wouldn’t be here writing this blog.

Taliah invited me and Una to PF Chang’s to celebrate her birthday with her family. PF Chang’s is about 20 minutes away from where I live if I take the freeway which I did. I should have listened to my guts which told me to go the longer way. True enough, I ran over an object while going 65 mph as I was nearing my exit. However, I don’t remember seeing a random piece of black metal or plastic on the road, so logic tells me, it must have been a piece that has fallen off my car. I tried too keep myself together, most especially because I have my daughter sleeping in the back. I listened and felt the car, looked around me, I turned the ac and the radio off so I can hear what’s going on. I somehow rested on the fact that no other vehicles were slowing down and looking at my car weirdly or giving me worried looks and signaling me to pull over to the side. I said, it’s either these people just don’t really care or the car looks pretty ok from their perspective. I was praying, praying hard. As I was slowing down at the off ramp, I heard a scraping sound. I almost broke into tears. I pulled over, I looked under the car. There was a piece of metal dangling off my under carriage and fluid dripping. I dipped my finger in the fluid and felt and smelled it. It wasn’t viscuous or thick, good and it didn’t smell like oil. Then I remember I had just turned the ac off, so it must have been the precipitaion from my ac. Good. now the dangling piece of metal. I tried to look under if it holds an integral part of my underhood, like uh..the engine? It didn’t seem to be, so I decided to drive off, but the scraping sound was now even louder. I stopped a couple of yards from where I was, I took my tripod and tried to yank the metal off the car. And of course, this would be the day I chose to wear white pants. So I had to use my scarf to line the ground so I don’t stain my pants. I felt bad for my scarf because there was bird poop all over the place! And I was so caught up prying the piece of metal off I didn’t notice someone had already stopped to help me. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “Oh my God!” And he thought he scared me but I said he didn’t and that I was just thankful that someone actually stopped to help me. He was cute, too. Then he asked what was wrong and checked the car himself. I had to move the car, because remember the bird poop? There was actually a dead bird right next to where I parked. After he examined what was wrong, he told me and assured me that it was just a brace that fell off. It doesn’t seem like it will bother anything else. Thank God! He asked whether I’ll be ok, to which I said yes and thanks, and for some odd reason, I thought he said his name was Gary. But it was Alex. I hope he didn’t think I was hitting on him. I really wanted to thank him.

The scarf I used to save my pants in its previous glory

So tonight, I’ll be praying for you Alex. Whoever you are, you are really nice. Even though as it turns out my car doesn’t really have any legit problems. I just needed to hear from someone who seems to know what he’s doing that I will be fine. Thank you! And also, you are cute.

So we finally reached Eastview Mall. I tried to contact Taliah and she said she wasn’t there yet. So my daughter and I decided to walk around. We went to Payless to check out some sandals for Una. And I found a gold pair that will go with most of her outfits. And upon checking out, the check-out girl with a nice friendly smile and cute little pixie do told me I get extra $3.00 to an alreay discounted pair of shoes. And OMG! I told her that she just made my day better. And that was when she told me I can tell you’ve had a rough day. I told her what happened to me on the freeway and she gladly listened. She told me to take a deep breath. And she was just so generous with that positive energy. I am so thankful for you check-out girl at Payless. You don’t know how much youv’e helped me.

You see? God used these random people to help me. I don’t know them, but they were there to help me. God is awesome. It was really a nerve wracking experience what I had to go through this afternoon. But God never left us. He was always with us, using people around us.

Alex and Payless chick, I will always be so grateful to you. I will pray for you guys.

After the dinner, Una asked me if we could go to the park so she can play. I told her yes, she deserves it after what we have been through. And I guess, it was all good. Everyone at the park was so friendly. The plants, trees and grass were greener than usual and the day was just perfectly beautiful. It was a perfect ending to a rather hectic day.

Una and I on the swing made of wood from the cut down tree.

This is what a person who has confidence in God's great power looks like.




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