I don’t know how to say this without sounding cocky. But I haven’t seen any of my pictures in a spread like this and it blew me away. I’m sorry, I just thought it was kind of cool to see my shot (which was just taken this afternoon) in a different layout. It kind of made it look like it was taken from a glossy magazine. And  thought that was kind of awesome. To a lot of you WordPress gods who’ve been freshly pressed, this is probably no biggie. I know it’s just on the “food” tag. But I still think it’s cool. I took a screenshot, that’s how loser-ish I am. Then i put a red arrow pointing at it and “Wow” next to a smiley.

And then of course, this once again teased the frustrated photographer in me. Like wow, this is probably what it’s going to look like in a magazine, or in a cookbook (now that’s the frustrated cook in me talking). There’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking right? Right?

And on that note, I’ll leave you with a 🙂




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