Psychosomatic Pre-holiday jitters

This is it! My friends whom I’ve been waiting for for 3 months (since the announcement of their yet another US vacation) are here! Well, in the US but not necessarily here in Rochester. But I’m flying out (with my 4-year-old in tow) to JFK this coming thursday to meet up with them. This would be a nice reunion but I don’t know what I’m so anxious about.

That weekend also happens to be my younger brother’s birthday. So I decided it would be smart to plan his birthday and my much-awaited reunion with my friends. A double whammer of sorts. you know, hit two birds with one stone…yada, etc. Hmmm…. Everything was well orchestrated in my head until my mom decided to change the party plans to Friday night, July 8th which is the day after we fly in to NY. So that leaves me just the afternoon of July 7th to run around town and grocery shop for ingredients and go thrift-shop hunting for party accessories and dishes. I’m getting stressed out just thinking about it. Maybe it’s because I just want everything to be perfect. Add to that the amount of times I changed the menu (in my head). I should be finalizing the menu by now so I could make a list of the things I need to buy and give my mom an estimate of how much she’s going to spend. yep, i cook, she buys the goods. I promised not to be too abusive financially but you know me with quality and always wanting to impress, so I can only try.

This morning, my friend, Maite called to say hi and told me how excited she is to see us. I was screaming and jumping and I was just totally psyched that she and her husband are here! So I asked her what her plans are, and she said she just wants to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon at Central Park with me. And a nice picnic came in mind and eventually leaked into words and now we’re having picnic in Central Park. yay! Now, not only do I have to finalize the Birthday dinner menu but also think of perfect foods that I can take to the bus and the subway with us that won’t spoil. This wouldn’t be a problem if I have enough cash to buy lunch in cafes and bistros surrounding the park, but I don’t. So I’m hellbent on creating the perfect summer Central Park picnic menu on top of my brother’s dinner party.

I will update you guys in a few days. Pray that everything goes well. Wish me luck. šŸ™‚


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