Love, Pinoy Flicks and YouTube.

What is a die-hard Pinoy flick fan without YouTube? Yes, I confess, from the days of Jolina Magdangal’s butterfly inspired outfits to Toni Gonzaga’s refreshing quirkiness, from the era when Aga Muhlach dominated the sweet crooner roles to the present-day equally wholesomely cute John Lloyd Cruz, I have been a fan. Pair my highly sentimental, hopeless romantic side to my immense longing for my Pilipinas, and you’ve got a marathon of Pinoy flicks brewing on a relaxing Saturday night all the way to an easy Sunday. I am so thankful for YouTube for being a willing and a very much available medium for individuals like me who don’t have access to TFC. (Oh, one more thing you don’t know about me is that I am “kuripot” too)  Sure, it takes a while to gather all the scenes and the minor interruption brought about by the time/file size limit of uploading vids on youtube can be a little bit daunting. But, it’s free and think about the individuals who subject themselves to such cumbersome and grueling task of uploading vids on YouTube. And it’s free! Did I mention that it’s free?

Needless to say, a good part of this weekend was spent watching pinoy flicks. Kinilig ako. Naiyak ako. And unprecedentedly crushed on Vhong Navarro. Yes! Vhong Navarro, who would’ve thought? The magic of Pinoy movies. It may be plain and too corny to most, or at least to  people who haven’t come to terms with their “jologs” side yet. But it’s the simplicity of the plot that makes me identify myself to even the most  far out settings. Maski ranchero ang role ng heroine or isang mayamang sosyalerang mataray, masarap kiligin.

So, once again, thank you Youtube for making my weekend worthwhile. Here’s a clip of the last movie I saw.



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