I need more distractions.

It’s really no biggie. It’s just that I’m overcome by this nagging excitement towards my brother’s birthday and my reunion with friends which are not until July. I need to get my mind off of it. Most especially the part where I’m preparing for my brother’s birthday dinner. I am so excited to cook and at the same time anxious because I am trying out a couple of new recipes. I hope they all come out great.

Meanwhile….I need to think of other things to think of. Maybe finish the book I started reading a month ago. Anywho..I will surely update you about what goes down that weekend and how the foods turn out (most especially the ones debuting that weekend).

To those of you wondering, here’s my extremely ambitious meal i am preparing for Daniel’s birthday.

Goat cheese, basil, tomato skewers

Chicago dip served with garlic bread sticks

Pan-seared strip steaks topped with black truffle butter

Salmon in onion-cream sauce

Penne a la telefono

Glazed carrots

Roasted new potatoes



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